We all love the Fast and Furious movies, and some of us like “Muscle” cars, some sports, so we decided to see how will you vote, between these two titans, from latest generation. Choose wisely, because every vote counts!

For the start here is the picture from movie scene, and famous race between these two…



Now, let’s put past on the side, and see the new generation models, for the first lets see the interior:

It seems that Toyota has less space in cabin, and it looks like that Charger might win this round, with more interesting and more convertible interior, but give us your vote, what is your oppinion about interior, of these two models.

New Generation Toyota Supra VS Dodge Charger Interior

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Toyota Supra VS Dodge Charger Engine


Now, we all know that this two engine are totally different. But, not it is not just old differents, now Toyota put new hybrid engine in new Supra model, and Dodge stayed with “Hemi”. But, let see which one is better for you, so please vote:

New Generation Toyota Supra VS Dodge Charger Engine

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The Overall Vote:

Now, if you could choose one of these car, which one is winner for you:

New Generation Toyota Supra VS Dodge Charger Overal

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