2020 Toyota Tacoma is another pickup truck made in Toyota that attracts attention for a long time. Since the market is fulfilled with large trucks and SUVs it is not easy to be competitive. However, Tacoma is one of the old and well-known favorable trucks, that only need upgrades and innovations from time to time. This time, it is changed for the first time after redesigning 2015.


  • Favorable truck
  • Durable exterior
  • Six trim choices
  • Large towing capacity
  • Powerful engines


  • Low-Powered headlights
  • Mid-Tier fuel economy


2020 Toyota Tacoma review

As we said, 2020 Toyota Tacoma comes changed from the last model, but still attractive and functional. Thanks to the massive and aggressive front end and recognizable rhomboidal mesh grille it looks like Ford F-150 or even Ford Escape. The large LED front lights stand below them, made in new technology. However, the truck has strong protection on the bottom so the car could be driven on off-road adventures. The rear end is flat and simple, not much changed from the last model, with a slightly improved look and shape of the rear lights. The manufacturer has prepared a new color pallet, too.


2020 Toyota Tacoma interior

The cabin in 2020 Toyota Tacoma is a combination of functionality and roominess. Being larger than before, it has great spacious three rows of seating for adult passengers. However, the most attractive is great infotainment system, in combination with Wi-Fi connectivity, USB ports, Android Car Play, and Apple Store connection and great audio and sound system. The dashboard is made of tactile materials, soft and easy for commanding and reaching during driving.


There are two engines offered with new 2020 Toyota Tacoma. The base model has 2.7-liter petrol DOHC four-cylinder unit that produces 159 horsepower of strength. The second option is stronger 3.5-liter V6 engine also made in DOHC technology that produces 278 horsepower of strength. It will be available in three versions, depending on the performances that it offers. However, this engine comes as all-wheel driving only, while the first one comes as both, front and all-wheel driving system. Base engine increases the speed of 60 mph for 7.7 seconds and the second engine for 6.8 seconds. Finally, both engines are paired with six-speed automatic transmission and the five-speed manual one.

2020 Toyota Tacoma performance

When will 2020 Toyota Tacoma be released? – How Much will it Cost?

The first 2020 Toyota Tacoma should hit the market in the middle of the next year. The price range starts from $31,000 and finishes with the 43,000 which is needed for the highest trim version. However, it is expected that with practical usage, great design, and strong engine, Tacoma remains the same high place on the list of the large trucks in the future as well.