2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid has not been changed much from the last year model, but still represents a very attractive and modern SUV. With the size and boxy design, it could be used for heavy load, but also family picnics.


  • The model has great design and large front end.
  • There is an impressively large cargo space.


  • The hybrid engine is not defined yet.
  • The price is too high for the class.


2020 Toyota Land Cruiser lights

There are no many changes in the design of the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid from the last year model. With its boxy shape, people could use it as a replacement for much more boring and simple Toyota Sienna and have a great modern and useful car instead.

However, the large and wide front end has the large gridded grille and LED front lights, while the rear end is high and has a flat trunk door. With a flat roof, it offers great cargo space inside.


2020 Toyota Land Cruiser interior

The cabin in 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid is large and very comfortable, making the model perfect for family driving and long traveling. However, the design is not quite attractive, or it is better to say, it is a little old-fashioned.

To be honest, the dashboard is approachable, with visible buttons and commands, but on the other hand, it is made of poor materials and in boring two-tone combination. The manufacturer offers great equipment, though.


2020 Toyota Land Cruiser rear

2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid should have improved hybrid engine, but we are still not sure which model and the strength of it yet. Knowing that the base model offers 5.7-liter V8 petrol engine with 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque we expect the electric engine upgraded on the existed petrol base.

However, the engine that we described above has only 13 mpg city driving and 18 mpg highway, meaning 15 mpg combined, which is more than poor for this size of the car. The manufacturer simply had to change the main offer, making a more economical hybrid combination. Not only that the engine is strong and trustworthy, but it also comes combined with the great safety system, like 10 airbags, driver assistant without active line control as other Toyota cars.

2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Release Date and Price

We surely expect that the price of 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid should not be much different from the price for the last year model. Since there were no many changes that we know for, it offers almost the same features equipment. However, the price of $85,000 for the base model is way too high from the expected number for this class of the car.

Future buyers should also know that the design of the model has not been much changed, meaning that it could be too old-fashioned and traditional for modern buyer. Wideness, comfort and great driving are details that we should accept for this price, though.