Happily, 2020 Toyota Harrier finally changed the design and engine options, so now we have a completely new model to fulfill this large class of the vehicles. The class of luxury crossovers is bigger and bigger every year, so manufacturers simply have to offer differences every year. When it comes to the Harrier, it is not only changed in design. There are impressive novelties in engine strength, too.


  • The model is fully redesigned and modern.
  • There are strong and efficient engines.


  • The price is above the competition.
  • There are no many novelties in the cabin.


2020 Toyota Harrier review

As a fully redesigned model, 2020 Toyota Harrier now can compete with Nissan X-Trail and Volkswagen Tiguan. However, there are very important differences in this model that make it more attractive to young and new buyers. The front end is much more rounded but aggressive, containing originate trapezoidal sharpen grille along with thin metallic line between the grille and air intake. That shape makes Harrier classical and elegant. The rear end recalls more on Hyundai Santa Fe, but on Harrier is longer and cubic. There is a spoiler on the rear window as an addition. The trunk door is a little old fashioned, simple, but with attractive taillights.


2020 Toyota Harrier interior

It is highly expected that 2020 Toyota Harrier will be luxury and very elegant inside, so it even not much looks like other models in the class. It is most likely that we will recognize elegance already seen in Mazda CX-5 for example. It also includes roominess and spacious rear row and greatly designed seats. There is a quality safety system, as well, called Safety Sense package, commonly used in Toyota cars.


There should be few engines that the manufacturer put in 2020 Toyota Harrier. For us is most important which of them will be a standard model. It is strong and efficient 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol unit that produces 230 horsepower of strength. Not only that this engine is economical it also provides stability in very smooth driving. However, there will be also a hybrid engine, made as a combination of petrol motor with 154 horsepower of strength which increases the strength to 210 horsepower along with electric unit paired with it. It is most likely that previously used V6 engine in higher trims will not be in the offer anymore.

2020 Toyota Harrier Release Date and Price

Although significantly changed, 2020 Toyota Harrier comes with almost the same price as last year. So, expect that you will pay around $35,000 for a base model, but also few increases in price in case that you are willing to order more equipment and stronger engine. Releasing date should be in the middle of this year.