It looks like the Japanese carmaker is reviving its sports car lineup entirely. After the recent introduction of an all-new Supra, it looks like another famous nameplate is about to come back. We are talking about the 2020 Toyota Celica, which is about to come back after years of hiatus.

Though we are still waiting for the official confirmation, there are many reports that suggest a revival of the famous sports car. The new model is about to come with a lot of interesting design solutions and many believe that it actually won’t have too many things in common with the previous version.


  • Legendary nameplate
  • Fast and practical
  • Excellent handling


  • Tough competition
  • Probably won’t even come


As we’ve just mentioned, there the internet is full of quite opposite reports about the new 2020 Toyota Celica. The thing is that the company’s lineup of sports cars is now filled up pretty good. The new Supra came had its premiere just recently, while the GT 86 sits as an entry-level model.

According to some reports, the new Celica would be a more practical alternative to the GT 86, something designed for a daily drive. Therefore, many suggest that the new 2020 Toyota Celica will ride on a familiar TNGA platform, with a front-wheel drive and AWD as an option. In terms of the overall layout, it could easily be some kind of a hot hatch or sedan, rather than a sports coupe. On the other side, many believe that the new Celica will replace the 86.


2020 Toyota Celica interior

In any case, details about the interior design are still insufficient. The fact is that the new model is still far away from serial production, so we can only speculate about its cabin layout. Some experts believe that the new 2020 Toyota Celica will be not just fast, but practical as well.

The leads us to a couple of usable rows of seating and even a decent cargo area. On the other side, if the new model comes as a replacement for the 86, expect a typical coupe layout and direct rivalry with models like Mazda MX-5, future Honda S2000 etc.


This is another area that leaves a lot of space for speculations. In some scenarios, the company’s familiar turbo-four with a slight power boost would be just enough. Of course, we are talking about a 2.0-liter engine that currently delivers around 235 horsepower.

On the other side, there is a big chance to see Subaru’s new 2.4-liter unit that delivers around 260 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, which would make this small sports car a real boomer.

2020 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

The new 2020 Toyota Celica still waits for the official confirmation, so we won’t make any predictions at this point. If it ever arrives, we estimate that the base version would go around $30,000.