There are so many rumors and speculations about the 2020 Toyota Avensis. Even the existence of the model is a big question mark. Experts claim that it will actually be replaced with more attractive and economical Toyota Corolla, so every further information about this model actually describe current Corolla. On the other hand, there are other models in Toyota that could be great for sedan fans, like Camry or Avalon.


  • The model is elegant and very attractive.
  • The equipment in the cabin is impressive.


  • The planned engine is too boring and simple.
  • The model is not confirmed yet.


2020 toyota avensis lights

It is actually very hard to describe the car that is similar to the other models or even possibly replaced with other models. However, we are sure that the manufacturer knew why they want to withdraw the 2020 Toyota Avensis and offer similar models. That is why we expect that Avensis if exist, should not be much different from Corolla or Avalon. It is an elegantly long and simple sedan, with the impressive front end and maybe the too short rear end. There are no expected changes in details from the last model, though.


2020 toyota avensis interior

It is actually not that hard to describe the cabin inside of 2020 Toyota Avensis since it is almost the same as on other models in class. The wide and modern dashboard has great wide chromatic lines and 8.0-inch touchscreen on the top of the impressive center cluster. All information is displayed on 4.2-inch information display approachable to the driver.

The manufacturer included dual-zone climate control, satellite navigation, USB ports, Bluetooth connection, and Apple Car Play and Android auto. In term of safety, there are things like forwarding collision warning, rearview camera, airbags, and automatic emergency braking. Unfortunately, the cabin looks small, especially in rear row and cargo area.


2020 toyota avensis rear

If 2020 Toyota Avensis drives this year, or any other year to come, it will be driven on the engine that is currently used on Corolla. It means the 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 168 horsepower. The model comes in pair with the six-speed manual transmission or CVT transmission, depending on the buyer’s wishes. However, those are not official information.

2020 Toyota Avensis Release Date and Price

There is so much contradictory information about 2020 Toyota Avensis that we are not sure in which car we are looking at. For many experts, future years will be great for other sedans in Toyota, while Avensis will not exist anymore. On the other hand, Avensis had great selling numbers in years before, and nobody will replace a good vehicle that everybody loves. Whatever happens, be sure that the new model will cost more than $25,000 and you will be able to see it later this year.