2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept is one of those cars that attracted attention even they are not on the market yet. Although the manufacturer talks about it for more than 10 years, we still expect that something will be changed or moved forward in the production of it and that we will be able to see it this year or at least soon.


  • The model is very attractive and unique.
  • There is comfort cabin with the also unique design of the seats.


  • We are not sure in the engine of the car and if it will be economical or not.
  • The price will surely be very high.


2020 Toyota A Bat front

The design of the 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept is something that attracted attention first. It is made to be an SUV but shaped like a futuristic curved car, with short curved lines on the front end and rear end, and attractive modern design. With short front end, we do not expect many changes in design when the final version of it comes out, but the rear end could be longer and get new parts in the final version. The only we know for sure about this model is that it will be made on Toyota’s TNGA platform.


2020 Toyota A Bat interior

The cabin that we saw on photos of 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept so far does not promise attractiveness and comfort. However, we are sure that it will be replaced when the model goes into production. The cabin is contained of sharp-edged parts, with rods and squared details, made of metal and chrome. However, there is a very attractive yellow space, with interestingly designed seats. The rear row is also very attractive and even too spacious for the car in this class.


2020 Toyota A Bat side

The car like 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept should have an engine that is completely different from the models in class. It means that its futuristic design should follow the same engine, like the hybrid variant of the economical petrol version. It could be something similar like on Toyota Tacoma, with a petrol V6 engine in combination with the hybrid model.

Not only that it could have high strength, higher than 208 horsepower like on Toyota Camry Hybrid, but also should have better fuel economy, higher than 50 mpg. However, some experts say that they could make a diesel competitor to Chevrolet Colorado, too.

2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept Release Date and Price

Since we still wait for the new 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept and the manufacturer has not been much talkative about it, we cannot predict many details about this car. However, the price is one of the things that we cannot predict either. We are sure that it will not be lower from $35,000 in the base version, but experts say that it could be even higher than that. When it comes to the releasing date, it is not known, too.