It’s been more than a decade since we saw this concept for the first time. The Japanese manufacturer came up with an idea to offer some kind of a lifestyle pickup truck. The goal was to attract various types of drivers, not just typical truck lovers. Unfortunately, this model remained in a form a concept.

Eleven years later, things are much different in the automotive industry, so many believe it is time for a new, 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept. According to some reports, the new version would closely resemble the original version in term of the style, but with a completely new mechanics.


  • Futuristic design
  • Capable and efficient
  • Probably electrified


  • Less capable than traditional trucks
  • Probably won’t come


2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept side

Speaking of the exterior design, there is no doubt that the new 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept would closely resemble the original version. This particularly refers to the styling, which was characterized by pretty futuristic characteristics for the time it was launched.

We have no doubt that the new 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept would stick to the same approach. In practice, this means a small, but pretty rugged looking pickup with focus on versatility. Of course, it would be completely re-engineered for this occasion. We count on a modern, unibody platform, which is becoming more and more used for truck models.

The Honda Ridgeline rides on such platform for years, while several new models are also about to come with the similar layout. Of course, that would be a new TNGA platform, with all the benefits it brings.


2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept interior

The interior of the original model was very futuristic. A sporty steering wheel and strong color combinations provided an instant futuristic feel. We have no doubt that the 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept will stick to this philosophy.

Does it mean the same extended cab layout with suicide back doors? It is hard to say at the moment. In any case, count on an attractive styling, which probably won’t have many things in common with the rest of the company’s lineup.


This aspect of the 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept leaves a lot of space for speculations. Considering that the new model will probably ride on a new TNGA platform, there is a quite long list of potential candidates, especially if we consider that this is a quite compact truck.

Given the model’s futuristic look, it won’t be a surprise if we see an electrified powertrain. While some suggest an all-electric version, we are closer to a hybrid powertrain. Still, it is hard to talk more specific at the moment.

2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept auto show

2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept Release Date

The 2020 Toyota A-Bat Concept could hit some of the major showrooms in the next year. Still, there is still no official confirmation from Toyota’s management.