As the Kazuo Yajima, Renault-Nissan Alliance Global Director of EV • HEV technology said, 2020 Nissan Leaf comes as the model with the highest number of mile range on the market! He said that the future of the pure electric cars promises that the buyers of those cars will have a lot of charge stations. However, they will also have a lot of energy under the hood to drive without boring and not always possible charging on the electric stations. In the past few years the number of plug-in and PHEV hybrid engines has increased dramatically, but the main problem was charging. Even though you can charge those cars literally in every part of the world, the number of the stations was a problem. Many manufacturers have tried to make cars with at least 250-mile range. Leaf will be one of them.


  • Better range
  • Improved power
  • High-End safety features
  • Plenty of tech


  • Bland Handling


2020 Nissan Leaf side

As we could be able to see on spy photos, the planned design of the 2020 Nissan Leaf is close to other electric cars, maybe like Toyota Prius. It should be a small car, with the short front end and simple grille. The rear end is also short and rounded, with not much cargo space. Leaf is planned to be a daily city car, so expect the design in that class.


2020 Nissan Leaf interior

We were not able to see the cabin in 2020 Nissan Leaf, but according to all we know, it will be small, but equipment with the highest technology that is possible.


Now, let us say something about the engine in this model. As we said, main change will be amazing 346 mile that is possible to drive 2020 Nissan Leaf per charging. It puts this car on the top since the new Tesla S has measured 335-mile range, at least its last year version. Besides Tesla (and those classes like Tesla X and Tesla 3) the only Chevrolet Bolt had the mile range close to 300 – 298 miles per charging. However, other electric cars are way below this number. So, we expect that Leaf beat the competition with its weapon.

2020 Nissan Leaf models

How much will 2020 Nissan Leaf cost?

It is not even possible to predict how much will 2020 Nissan Leaf cost, but let us say that the price of this car will surely be highly competitive. Maybe the Leaf is the car with the longest mile range, at least has predicted the highest number, but the price is surely putting it on the top of the list. The base model had the price of $22,500, which is the lowest price in the range of the electric car.

When will 2020 Nissan Leaf be released?

The manufacturer has not précised if they will change something in that field, but it could be slightly higher with those changes that they have planned. Releasing date should be in the second half of 2019.