It was about time for 2020 Nissan 370s Nismo as fully changed model since the current version that we have on the market is old 10 years. During that long period of time, nothing particular has been changed in design, while the engine got only two horses in strength.

However, the model is far away from the old-fashioned models on the market. Although not changed so long it is still among the most attractive sporty cars on the market and a surely great machine for special types of buyers. If this change is planned, it could be seen in the model for 2020.


  • The model should be fully redesigned.
  • There is a stronger engine under the hood.


  • The price is much higher than on competition.
  • There is no confirmation in this model yet.


2020 Nissan 370z Nismo

We are not sure what could possibly be changed in the design of 2020 Nissan 370s Nismo to make model competitive and wanted. We are sure that there are few interesting changes in design and surely similar to Infinity QX60.

It includes well-known gridded rhomboidal grille, with modernly designed logo in the middle. The rear end is like on sedan-like sporty cars, with a slightly curved trunk and thin spoiler on it.


2020 Nissan 370z Nismo interior

Unfortunately, we are not sure in the design of the cabin either. It is expected that the manufacturer will offer many novelties in technology, while design should retain sporty look as before.


As one of the most important changes in 2020 Nissan 370s Nismo will surely be a new engine. Do not forget that the current model has 350 horsepower engines in higher trims, and that model costs $50,000.

It is questionable which engine could be used in the new model that costs like that, or even lower, to be more competitive. There could be 475 horsepower all-wheel driving system in a model that comes 2021, but nobody confirmed any resemblance with this Nismo.

2020 Nissan 370z Nismo rear

2020 Nissan 370z Nismo Release Date and Price

Even though there is great information about 2020 Nissan 370s Nismo, we are still not sure in anything of these above. It could be only a perfectly scheduled new sporty car, as the response for Toyota Supra and Mercedes Benz Z class that both manufacturers announced for the next year.

On the other hand, they clearly said that we should expect the model on the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2019. That is a long period from now, and surely allows enough time for making at least a prototype, however, nobody confirmed that yet. As soon we see the new possible model on test driving, we cannot be sure that Nismo exists.

When we talk about the price, current model cost $30,000 with increasing in price to $50,000. Since competition has the same price or lower, we are sure that the Nissan will not go further in price.