2020 Mercedes S-Class should be a continuation of the all those technologies upgraded models that past decade brought. As the matter of fact, the manufacturer always used this class to show novelties in technology. There are no reasons to not be like that this time. As the matter of fact, the model was already represented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, bringing few interesting details to the class.


  • There is a new design.
  • There could be found a new electric engine.


  • The model is not much modernized in the cabin.
  • The price could be very high.


2020 Mercedes S Class review

We were able to see this model only on test driving, once, so we cannot say much about the design of the model. There are rumors that claim that new S-Class will be driven only on a longer wheelbase. The reason is backing on the standard wheelbase, already used before, which should mean smaller wheelbase than higher trims had before. The reason is actually obvious. The old S-Class could easily enlarge and become larger than E-Class, which is not planned to be changed soon. In order to prevent that, they retained the only one size of the wheelbase. However, we could not confirm that. On the other hand, we could not be able to say anything about the details on the car, like door hands, since there are not shown on test driving.


2020 Porsche Macan interior

Do not expect anything less than the high luxury inside of 2020 Mercedes S-Class. However, the manufacturer has not finalized the design of it, so it is not possible to see, especially not on test driving. However, we expect an upgraded MBUX infotainment system inside and redesigned technology devices. It should be closer to Maybach and luxury sedans like Audi A8.


The manufacturer has not said much about the engine in 2020 Mercedes S-Class. Could that be one of the last used, in last year model, for example? In that case, we should expect strong 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with 362 horsepower of strength. There could be found also 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 in higher trims that produce 463 horsepower of strength in that case. However, we are more curious to see if they will put a fully electric engine, making the new EQ family of the vehicles with zero CO2 emission. It also means that the model could be the first version of the vehicles made on MEA2 platform, specially tailored to electric sedans.

2020 Mercedes S Class rear

2020 Mercedes S Class Release Date and Price

Since nothing is confirmed yet, the final releasing date for 2020 Mercedes S-Class is not known so far. The price is also not known. If it is at least like the last year model it could cost $100,000 or more. With new electric engine even more than that.