Although not confirmed yet, 2020 McLaren P1 could be fully electric hypercar, the first one that this manufacturer offers. Unfortunately, we do not know much about the possible changes in the engine, as well as changes that the manufacturer will make in the engine. The only we have is very strong competition in this field and great improvements that competitors have made in past few years.

To be honest, they said that we should expect something like this in the future, and the boss of this controversial manufacturer, Mike Flewitt, said that they are working on similar technology since 2016. On the other hand, we are not sure that this could be true since there is nothing particularly confirmed by now.

There is a whole line of 18 cars that they have planned to improve in years to come, and surely few important supercars that have been tested on electrical and hybrid engines. It seems that P1 won and it will come with an electric engine in the future. Previously tested models with electric engines was not planned before 2025, while P1 should be on the market before 2022, maybe even this year.


  • The model should have a new hybrid engine with impressive strength.
  • The design should be among the best in class.


  • Expect small and tight cabin.
  • The price is unbelievably high.


2020 McLaren P1 lights

It is not easy to predict if there will be changes in the design of 2020 McLaren P1 if it comes as hybrid hypercar. Knowing that the previous model looks like a fully electric supercar, with crumbed chassis and chubby bumpers, we are sure that there will not be many changes in design this time either. The similarities with competition, like Porsche 918 Spider, are obvious, while the manufacturer has not gone much further than the design of other cars made in the same factory.


2020 McLaren P1 interior

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the design of the cabin in 2020 McLaren P1. It is for sure that it will be a two-seat model, with a tight place for legs, but also the perfect design of the cabin.


2020 McLaren P1 rear

It is hard to say anything about the engine in 2020 McLaren P1. It is for sure that the manufacturer has worked a lot on the fully electric engine, and their boss confirmed that they planned to improve existing models to be driven on battery only.

It could be one of the V6 petrol engines since they have already tested V8 and it obviously has not shown good results. Along with that, the manufacturer planned to make the car lightweight and easily driven, so driving and handling should not be so hard in the future.

2020 McLaren P1 Release Date and Price

There are many reasons to be waiting for 2020 McLaren P1, but the price is not one of them. The last model has the price of $1,350,000, so with the new engine, it could be much higher.