Even though we expected a continuation of the famous model made in Lincoln, it seems that we will not see 2020 Lincoln Navigator. They will make the Aviator instead. It is smaller and more handsome model, with features taken from Navigator adjusted to modern market demands. The name Aviator is not new in this class. The manufacturer has already used it in the period from 2003 to 2005 to call the brand and three-row SUV with attractive and modern features. However, now it will be a name for mini-Navigator, and surely a replacement of that model, at least in future few years.


2020 Lincoln Navigator side

2020 Lincoln Aviator will not be just a smaller version of Navigator. There are many novelties and great details on it, so even the most spoiled buyers will be satisfied. According to the manufacturer, it should be a car for the younger generation, so expect modern design and futuristic details. Even though the car recalls on BMW X5, it should be more compact, smaller and unique.


2020 Lincoln Navigator interior

The interior of 2020 Lincoln Aviator will be much modernized and attractive than in Navigator. The car will have fully phoned controlled driving, so the driver will be able to start the car with an application on the phone. In case that phone is dead or it is lost, the driver will be able to use the touchscreen and special keyword for starting. That is something that the best models in class like Porsche Cayenne S, and Mercedes-Benz GLS550.


The engine that will be found in 2020 Lincoln Aviator is 2.7-liter petrol one that produces 335 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. There will also be found 3.0-liter with at least 400 horsepower and the same pound-feet of torque. The model should be powered by rear wheels and controlled by ten-speed automatic transmission. However, the most attractive and interesting about this model is a new plug-in hybrid that will produce at least 500 horsepower of strength. Even though it is made to be similar to Navigator’s 450 horsepower strong hybrid, it will provide much better performances and more power in the wheels.

2020 Lincoln Navigator rear

2020 Lincoln Navigator Release Date and Price

Even though the manufacturer has not said much about 2020 Lincoln Aviator price, but expect the higher number than $45,000. The last Navigator had the highest price of $80,000 so it is not surprising that this model will cost that much. It should be close to models in higher class, with great new features and a new redesigned cabin and exterior. However, many of these things are new even for the Lincoln.