2020 Honda Passport is improved small SUV with five seats in the cabin and a small but useful engine under the hood. You will notice similarities with the Pilot, which are not there accidentally.

It is actually a baby brother of that famous SUV, offered for the buyers that do not like massive cars in their garages, but still impressively designed and acceptably large.


  • The model is small and attractive SUV with all details that its larger version has.
  • There is great equipment in the cabin.


  • The manufacturer offered only one engine option.
  • The price is not that low that we expected.


2020 Honda Passport side

At first glance, there is nothing particularly new in 2020 Honda Passport. There are similarities with Ford Edge and in some details with Hyundai Santa Fe. However, Passport is smaller, but cuter, with great details on the chassis.

However, it has 20-inch wheels as a standard, so the vehicle is actually much higher than its bigger competitors. It allows it great off-road challenges, and surely a perfect driving on the rough terrains. On the other hand, the model is modernly designed, so provides space and attractiveness for young people and families.

You will be able to see how short front and rear and could provide great visibility when driving, along with the perfectly shaped roof and trunk door.


The cabin in 2020 Honda Passport is actually the same as in Pilot, with smaller size and obviously five seats instead of eight. However, there is great equipment inside, that is mostly used in its larger brother.

It includes a power tailgate, tilt/slide moonroof, heated auto-dimming and power-folding side mirrors, blind spot warnings, rear cross traffic monitoring, front/rear parking sensors, a navigation device, LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot, and a wireless phone charger. The cargo space is surprisingly larger than we expected, even larger than in Pilot.

2020 Honda Passport rear


When it comes to the engine, the manufacturer has not made experiments in 2020 Honda Passport. It has a simple but strong 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine that brings 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Almost the same size and strength has Toyota Highlander, yet, a larger SUV that has almost the same performances.

For some reasons, the manufacturer has not matched it with the ten-speed transmission as we could expect, but with a nine-speed automatic transmission instead. It has actually turned out as a great combination for smooth and simple driving and off-road challenges as well.

2020 Honda Passport Release Date and Price

Although smaller and in this respect a poor version of the famous large SUV, the price will be above the common SUV’s price. However, the last year model cost $30,000 which is not that cheap as we expected.

It sounds unexpectedly high for unibody five-seat SUV, surely higher than prices of competition’s SUVs. The model will have two options in the offering, an Urban and Adventure package with differences in design spoilers and height.