2020 Honda Odyssey could be finally redesigned for next year, or at least significantly changed. It is actually had to be made since the competition had many changes in their vehicles. As we know so far, it will not be much changed in technology as in design and it could get a possible new engine.


  • The model is large and comfortable.
  • There is a strong engine.


  • The vehicle does not offer a new engine so far.
  • There are no much unique details in design.


2020 Honda Odyssey side

We used to see similarities with Toyota Sienna so 2020 Honda Odyssey will not be much different in new version either. However, there are expected changes in design, like the new short front end and surely changed the shape and appearance of the front bumper. On the other hand, the rear end is the same flat and simple, almost cubic like before, and the manufacturer will not change it soon. It actually provides great large space inside of the cabin. Luckily, the manufacturer added few dents and lines on the sides of the car, making it more attractive and modern. One of the biggest competitors also is Subaru Ascent.


2020 Honda Odyssey interior

The cabin inside of 2020 Honda Odyssey is actually its best advantage. Being made for families and short and long driving on weekends, it includes a large and comfortable cabin along with a great entertainment system. On the other hand, it has great technology and safety system, which is also important for this usage of the cars. The manufacturer offers common equipment like 60/40 split seats, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, USB ports, 7-channel audio system, and 8-way adjustable seats, a navigation system, keyless entry, rearview camera, and decorative windows.


It is for sure that 2020 Honda Odyssey comes with a new engine under the hood, but nobody confirmed that so far. We know that the last model had a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 290 horsepower of strength and 270 pound-feet of torque. It came with nine-speed automatic transmission last year, and there are no reasons to not be this year, too. However, since this engine had great fuel economy like 21/34 city/highway we presume that the new engine could be only better. Along with that, this engine had great driving performances, which is actually not that easy to have when the vehicle is so large and robust.

2020 Honda Odyssey doors

2020 Honda Odyssey Release Date and Price

Along with all those possible changes, it is expected that 2020 Honda Odyssey comes with a new price. However, its price is not known yet, so we just could presume that it will be a little different and higher. Remember that the last year model has the price of $32,000 for the base model, so this number could be higher, but still not signed. The exact releasing date will be known later this year, as we expect to finally see it in the second half of the year.