Although promised that it will be changed for the first time after 2015, 2020 Honda HR-V is still unknown for a wide range of users. The reason could be very high expectations from the buyers, and surely many secrets that the manufacturer has about possible changes in design. However, the most important in this new model will surely be the engine.


  • The model is modern and attractive.
  • There is a large cabin inside.
  • Great engines.


  • The model is still not finished.
  • Technology in the cabin is not known so far.


2020 Honda HRV front

The model should not be much changed in design. We used to see that it looks like its twin brother Toyota C-HR, and there are high chances that 2020 Honda HR-V look like it. It includes an impressive rounded front end along with a modern rear end and flat trunk door with thin rear lights. The model is soft and rounded, but massive.


2020 Honda HRV interior

We are not sure what will be changed in the cabin of 2020 Honda HR-V, but most likely it will be new high-technology. There are great devices and improved mobile connection. The cabin is large and comfortable as before, with a lot of cargo space.


The engine that 2020 Honda HR-V gets is actually not clearly known so far. As we have heard, there are rumors that new engines will be more than attractive and the offer should include a hybrid version. The most realistic speculations say that base model comes with 1.8-liter four-cylinder that produces 140 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque. Not only that this model has good fuel economy, but it is also proven as a very efficient engine for city driving. The next option could be 1.5-liter turbo petrol unit with 175 horsepower of strength. this engine, like the previous one, comes matched with CVT transmission. It should be a perfect replacement for the previous model that includes strength along with great fuel economy. Finally, the most attractive should be a hybrid engine, made along with last standards and legislation. It should combine one of those petrol engines above with electric motor in special MMD system that independently sets drive modes.

2020 Honda HRV Release Date and Price

There is interesting information about 2020 Honda HR-V but most of the things we know so far are not pretty much important for future buyers. The things that we actually want to know, like the engine and hybrid options are still unknown, so we must be patient for at least a few months. The final releasing date should be in the second half of 2019 when all will be known. The price is also hidden at this moment, but we expect that it should not be much different from the current number. Expect $21,000 in the base model and maybe $30,000 or more for models with all equipment.