2020 Ford Thunderbird is a sporty car that is maybe the most rumored car that we know. There are many speculations about the changes in the model, and there are no many confirmations of them. However, we are sure that the manufacturer has planned to change it, at least in a few important parts.


  • The model is redesigned and sportier this time.
  • There are new engines that could be found under the hood.


  • The model should not include changes in cabin design and equipment.
  • The existence of the car has not been confirmed yet.


2020 Ford Thunderbird lights

2020 Ford Thunderbird retains the same appearance as before, similar to Alfa Romeo Giulia and Toyota Supra. It includes short and almost sloped rear end, and very thin taillight that spread across the trunk door. That design provides a more futuristic appearance of the car.

However, the front end could be slightly redesigned, with sharpening grille and new decorations on the grille. The grille itself should retain the same rhomboidal shape, with new front lights. Thanks to the sloped roof and lowered the position of the car it looks sportier.


2020 Ford Thunderbird interior

The main change of the cabin in 2020 Ford Thunderbird are materials that are used in the cabin. This time it could be much more quality made space, with two-color leather on the seats and details in chrome. Highest trim could have details in wood and metal, while the cabin is designed to be futuristic but also a luxury. We expect a little longer cabin, so leg space, especially in a front row, should be longer this time. When it comes to the equipment, there are no many changes, as we know so far.


2020 Ford Thunderbird rear

Since nothing particular is said about the 2020 Ford Thunderbird, we cannot say much about the engine of the car either. However, knowing the last year models, we can predict the engine that this type and strength of the car could have. It could be 2.0-liter of 2.3-liter Eco Boost engine with nine-speed automatic transmission.

The transmission is actually the new one and represents the main improvement from the last year model. However, we should expect something a little stronger than this. More likely that we could see the 2.7-liter or 3.0-liter petrol engine with 300 horsepower. There could be found 4.0-liter V8 in the highest trim version.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Price

There are not clearly shared details about the revealing of the 2020 Ford Thunderbird. Some rumors claimed that we could see at least the first version of the model at beginning of this year. However, since they have not said anything about it yet, we cannot predict much for the future. If the model is planned for this year, it could be later, maybe at the end of the year. The price is still unknown, but it could be around $40,000, like other models in class cost.