Nobody clearly confirmed, but we are sure that we were able to see new 2020 Ford F250 Diesel Super Duty on test driving that the manufacturer has organized in the past few months. We were sure that there are two new models that manufacturer was planning to offer this year, and F-250 is one of them. However, thanks to the thick camouflage we also saw changes in the front end and the rear end, as well as the size of the model, but besides that, the manufacturer has not shown much. As we know that the manufacturer has changed all F-series last year, these could be very interesting changes in particularly famous part of it.


  • The model has a great new design.
  • There are changes in the engine.


  • The model has not shared details in the cabin.
  • There is no information about the design the price.


2020 Ford-F250-Diesel Super Duty review

The camouflage showed a very interesting detail on 2020 Ford F250 Diesel Super Duty. It seems that the front bumper looks like on Ram 1500. It is not strange, as the matter of fact, knowing that the last Ram model has some similarities with models from F-series. Besides that, we are sure in changes in the design of the lights, which should be larger and obviously made in LED technology, and surely changes in the rear end with new taillights. However, the model should be similar to the F-350 in shape and the size, while other details are taken from F-150.


2020 Ford-F250-Diesel Super Duty interior

We are sure that the manufacturer has prepared a great large cabin inside of 2020 Ford F250 Diesel Super Duty, but besides that nothing is for sure at this moment. There could be double and single cabin offer like before, with numerous details in design. Do not expect significant changes in technology, thus, since the manufacturer has not announced anything like that so far.


2020 Ford F250 Diesel Super Duty comes with two strong and very functional engines. The first one is 6.8-liter V8 while the second one is 7.0-liter V8. Both come with ten-speed automatic transmission and many additions in technology. However, it is not much different from the models from this series that we had before.

2020 Ford F250-Diesel Super Duty

2020 Ford F250 Diesel Super Duty Release Date and Price

Currently, we cannot say how much 2020 Ford F250 Diesel Super Duty will cost. We expect that the price should go over than $30,000. However, the releasing date should be at the end of the year, but according to the thick camouflage that becomes thicker on every test driving it could be even sooner than that. Whatever it is, this F-250 represents great change in famous F-series and one of the greatest models between two famous classes.