We know that 2020 Ford Explorer is on the road, we also know that there are few changes in design and equipment, but nothing is for sure at this moment. As we know, for now, it has great new details in design and possible changes in the engine.


  • The model is redesigned.
  • There is a new hybrid engine under the hood.


  • There are no changes in the design of the cabin.
  • The model will surely cost higher than many others in the class.


2020 Ford Explorer review

There are few important changes in 2020 Ford Explorer that should be interesting and attractive to new buyers. Some of them are only in details, while others could literally change the appearance and impressions that model leaves on the street. There are visible black accents on the bumpers, the bottom of the chassis and around the wheels. Those are very attractive and modern, and surely great for the new buyers. However, the model could be driven on larger 21-inch tires, at least in higher trims. There are similarities with the competitors, thus. You will notice almost the same long rear end like on Toyota Highlander, but this time curved and a little rounded.


2020 Ford Explorer interior

The manufacturer has not precisely said what we should expect inside of the 2020 Ford Explorer. There is a large and very attractive cabin, that is for sure, but novelties in technology are not clearly described until now. The cabin should have wide two rows of the seats with large rear row and leather on them. it is for sure that the new Explorer will be comfortable and approachable for tall and adult passengers.


The manufacturer has decided to attract new buyers with a strong and powerful engine that produces great strength and torque, and unfortunately, not worrying too much about the efficiency and economy. According to all we know, 2020 Ford Explorer should get 3.0-liter Eco Boost V6 engine with 400 horsepower of strength and 415 pound-feet of torque. It is a well-known engine that this manufacturer produces and surely one of the greatness of this class. We were able to see it in Lincoln Aviator before. The best information, though, is that they could use a hybrid engine for this model, which could produce 450 horsepower and even 600 pound-feet of torque. It is obvious that the manufacturer has used the strong engine to make the model closer to Porsche Cayenne and other models in high class.

2020 Ford Explorer side

2020 Ford Explorer Release Date and Price

With all mentioned and known performances, it is highly expected that 2020 Ford Explorer will be on the high place of the list where only vehicles with great performances and design could reach. However, it is not that attractive model for the young buyers, since its design looks a little boring and not much original. The price could be in the same class as the competitors, meaning more than $30,000. Expect more information later.