2020 Mercedes GLK is a possible new version of the iconic model that we loved so much few years ago. However, we said “possible” since nobody actually confirmed its existence. The only we have is test driving with the new GLB model, so close and similar to the old GLK version that we first concluded that it is actually a redesign of the old sporty crossover. However, there are many similarities with that model, without any of the manufacturer’s confirmation or even denying, so we described it as the new GLK model. At some part of the next year we will see are we right.


  • The model is smaller and sportier
  • There is a new engine


  • The transmission could be a little harder
  • The price is not known yet.


2020 Mercedes GLK review

The model is actually a smaller version of any of the models in G-Class. Not only that it is shortened, but the height of the model is also questionable. However, do not forget that this is only a test driving, and all we see is actually a prototype version. As the matter of fact, the model is made of plastic, while the hood is only a protection for the engine while first test driving lasts. Even with thick camouflage, we were able to recognize famous round headlights and external spare wheel, both symbols of iconic GLK class.

It is hard to describe the possible final design of this car. Even though there are similarities with the old model, it is not easy to say that it will look like this later. As the official sources said, everything will be changed, including hood and taillights. It is for sure that the size of the model will not be like this later, and the height of the vehicle should be much bigger later.

However, we are sure that the model will be made on the updated MFA platform. It means that, as the opposite of the A-Class which should be enlarged next year, 2020 Mercedes GLK should be smaller and rounded. However, we will see similarities with the competitors like BMW X3 or Audi Q3, too. There are expectations that the model could be even more rounded on the edges, with newly designed lights.

2020 Mercedes GLK front


It is hard to predict the possible design of the cabin in 2020 Mercedes GLK at this moment. It is most likely that the manufacturer will offer new technology and equipment there.


The most interesting in 2020 Mercedes GLK will surely be new engines that it should have. Recalling the sedan and hatchback A-Class, it could be 1.3-liter with 160 horsepower of strength in the base model. However, there could be found few versions of the engines, all in 2.0-liter turbo diesel engines. The strength of them should be from 139 horsepower to 170 horsepower, depending on the equipment and other upgrades. Finally, there should be used new 7-speed twin-clutch transmission, instead of currently used 8-speed automatic one.

2020 Mercedes GLK rear

2020 Mercedes GLK Release Date and Price

There is no information when we could possibly see 2020 Mercedes GLK on the market, as for how it will look like. However, we expect that it will not be more expensive than vehicles in the class, which is $55,000 for base models.