Almost year and half has passed since the first information about the 2019 Toyota Sienna has been released. Sienna is a large minivan that has been on the market for around ten years but it hasn’t become one of the most favorable minivan. The competence is tough and as far as we are concerned that is the main reason why Toyota Sienna has not found its place on the market. In spite of sales figures, this vehicle has plenty of things to offer and it is definitely worth its price. We just need to come to terms with the fact that some cars have better promotion and more luck, and some others stay neglected. Toyota Sienna may be even considered as a van due to its size and boxier shape. One way or another, let’s check what skeletons does 2019 Toyota Sienna have in its closet.


The biggest modification was introduction of the hybrid engine. Toyota is a leader in this field and every year new hybrid models are introduced. This year one of them was 2019 Toyota Sienna. Not only that this is beneficial for the environment, but company and drivers can gain some benefits. It is believed that image of Sienna is going to be enhanced and that will lead to better sales figures. However, there is neither official date nor any assumptions about the sales of new Sienna. Also, fuel consumption is reduced thanks to an electric motor. Previous engine unit was 3.5l which could deliver 266 HP with towing capacity of 245 lb-ft. Present engine is somewhat more powerful, with 11 HP more than before, or 277 HP in total. It is very rare to see more powerful engine with better fuel economy in the car world. All-wheel drive is the only option and it comes with 6-speed automatic gearbox, something we could see in the previous model.


Honestly, there are plenty of minivan’s which are more attractive than Sienna. However, they surely are not as spacious as new Sienna. Some people considered this vehicle as a box on wheels but it is definitely one of the most comfortable on the market. Also, with this platform overall weight has been reduced which positively contributes to fuel efficiency. Technology has also been upgraded hence 2019 Toyota Sienna comes with improved navigation system. Dashboard is redesigned and has plenty of high-tech features, such as Wi-Fi connection, DVD, astonishing audio system, etc. Even though Sienna won’t become a high-flier, it offers numerous things which enable comfortable ride.

2019 Toyota Sienna PRICE

New Toyota Sienna will be on the market in 2018. There are several different trim levels and the price of the base model is approximately $29,000. Costs for other trim levels can go up to $37,000 but in our opinion even the base model is enough to meet everyone’s demand.