2019 Toyota Aygo is a new version of the highly popular model, the first time represented in 2014 and now famous as a valuable addition to A-class of the cars. Being a compact hatchback Aygo has never expected to be competitive in higher class, but it shows that small cars can be a very important addition to the market of small city cars. This time it is redesigned and has few improvements in engine type.
2019 Toyota Aygo


2019 Toyota Aygo is significantly changed from the last model but remains all recognizable details and parts. Famous front end now has almost the same shape and design and recognizable “X” in the middle of the front end, but also has 3D frontal signature a for a modern and more powerful look. Modernly designed irregularly shaped front lights has LED frame as daylights. Small fog lights are included in the grille. The rear end is rounded but allows large space in the truck, while on the top stands sloped roof connected with thin rear lights vertically positioned on the sides of the rear window.
2019 Toyota Aygo


Even though 2019 Toyota Aygo looks small and compact, the cabin is surprisingly warm and roomy. There is the perfectly shaped cabin for five adult passengers and 168 liters of cargo space with 3D illuminations and wide color pallet. The car is obviously prepared for younger buyers, which proves high-technology and improved infotainment system, together with USB and Bluetooth connection, and numerous additions. For passengers’ safety, the manufacturer added mirror links, rearview camera, and many other things.


There will be offered only one engine in 2019 Toyota Aygo and that is DOHC, VVT-I 1-liter three-cylinder engine. Although it has only 71 horsepower and speed of 60 mph increases for 13.6 seconds, it has numerous improvements like better compression ratio, dual fuel injector system; exhaust gas that goes in the circle again, it has a balance shaft and new recirculation system. It should come with five or four-speed transmission and thanks to better aerodynamic have fuel economy 47 and 65 mpg. There should be another Eco version with 6.2-liter engine and five-speed transmission which produces much less CO2 gas.
2019 Toyota Aygo


2019 Toyota Aygo will be detailed described on Geneva Auto Show, but for now it is good to know that the price will go from $12,500 to $14,000 and it will be on the market by the middle of the year. Competitors are the same as for previous models, like Hyundai i10, Citroen C1, and Peugeot 108.