It seems that 2019 Toyota Alphard is not much different from other minivans on the market made for this year, especially with recognizable Welfare design. That means a particular overhaul, with just small upgraded details and changed the design so for knowers it’s practically the same car as other on the market. But, don’t forget to ask for engine performances and technology in the cabin, because that part can surprise you.


For some buyers, the design of 2019 Toyota Alphard is maybe too luxury and showy, but for others it’s expected the level of elegance. After the redesigning for last model in 2015, the overhaul is the same, but there are other changes in outside look which are worthy for mentioning. The front of the vehicle has class- “Diamond Trophy” design, refreshed and redesigned in order to attract attention among the buyers. There are also refreshed LED headlights (with also LED taillights) and lots of details in the same body, while the color options are new and modern, making the feeling of luxury even stronger.


The cabin, on the other hands, is practically the same, with just a few changed tech toys. The material used in making the inside space are natural and luxury, providing the high level of quality. There is also a big pallet of colors (even 16) which looks amazing in 3rd line seat design. For drivers and passengers’ comfort there are much more – mug holders, a single-hand command for the seat back and footrest, stand, capsule and cellphone space for storing, three-zone local climate command, the front and rear car parking devices and 17-speaker Advance Speaker.


The 2019 Toyota Alphard is equipped with 3.5-liter Atkinson-cycle engine combined with two generators. With its 276 horsepower is much stronger than a 2.5-liter 2AR-FE unit with 150 horsepower of strength, recommended for the base model of this car. The smaller engine is weaker, although its fuel economy is quite good – 40 mpg, while stronger one has the number of 23 mpg. Both engines have a six-speed Tremendous ECT computerized indication, but we had to say that the smaller engine will maybe have seven-speed Activities Sequential Shiftmatic Tremendous CVT indication. However, this engine option is good enough for US and Japanese market, where expected good-selling are in 2019 and fuel economy is maybe the best in class.

2019 Toyota Alphard Price and Release Date

The standard price for 2019 Toyota Alphard is $28,000 and it will be available at the end of 2018.