The new 2019 Tesla Model X is one of the successors of the famous list of Tesla models popular last couple of years. It has always been simple, modest but luxury and cute car away beyond another electric car with electric motors. After those couple of years, while the Tesla cars are popular, this name has become the symbol of trustworthy and powerful electric car. This model is completely redesigned and different from any previous model from this manufacturer.


Do you know how Tesla’s famous “falcon wings” looks like? That’s actually a special rear door similar to seagull’s wings, with dual hinges and sensors which prevent opening and closing of doors without driver’s permit. Those doors can’t be opened without at least a foot of side clearance. This seven-passenger crossover-style sedan really provides a good appearance with this amazing and unique style. The driver-side door can be opened from the cabin and also close even you are inside of the cabin, with a foot on the brake. There will also be a large panoramic glass for those who love to enjoy in the sky and during the night, the cabin is lighted with ambient light, which fulfill the impression of sky look from the cabin’s seats.


Speaking about the ambient light and sky from the cabin, we have to confirm that the inside of the 2019 Tesla Model X comfort and romantic on some level. The warm and roomy cabin allows the seven adult persons inside of it, on adjustable and comfort seats covered with thin and luxury leather. Space inside is not only in order to make more comfort for passengers, it represent the special style of living with additional space for bikes behind the rear seat. It’s just a part of special cargo space and it seems to be on the same track as the whole message which this car sent – the environmental protection. But, don’t expect additional space for passengers from the last model. It is larger and taller car, but it’s not wider, and the cabin is practically the same as before.


The base model of 2019 Tesla Model X has 90-kWh battery which can drive 257 miles with one fueling but its performances are maybe the best in electric engine class. It can increase the speed of 60 mph for 4.8 seconds while higher trim versions are even faster; they reach that speed for 3.2 seconds. This engine is made as a front wheel driving system, but it’ll be possible to choose all-wheel drive option.

2019 Tesla Model X Price and Release Date

And now, be prepared for the price even we are prepared for the high number for Tesla models. For 2019 Tesla Model X it starts from $138,000.It will be out in the end of 2018.