2019 McLaren 675LT represents the second generation of the famous sporty cars, improved and redesigned and made to be a true supercar and the first model of Super Series that the manufacturer is planning to start with this model. It is not changed a lot from the last model, but enough to be different and much more attractive, with stronger and faster engine.


2019 McLaren 675LT will have a similar design to old models, remaining all interesting and attractive details that attracted fans and buyers. Not only that the car is made to be aerodynamic, looking similar to Formula 1, with thin, long front end and thin LED lights, just to be incorporated in also thin hood line, but it is made of fiber and aluminum in order to be lightweight and faster. The car is lowered and has shorter rear end with thin rear lights.


The cabin in 2019 McLaren 675LT will be completely different from the previous model, and according to photos, we saw, highly modern and attractive, with an unusual design of the dashboard. It is separated in two, with the interesting addition on the side of the wheel, with important buttons and commands. It is expected that the model like this will include only high luxury and quality materials, but that is not only thick leather but a combination of quality plastic, fabric with leathered details, made as a combination of bright grey and yellow. In term of technology, the manufacturer has put the best in class, obviously.


Even though it is known that 2019 McLaren 675LT will have a 4.0-liter V8 petrol engine, it is not for sure that it will have 750 horsepower of strength as the previous model. Bearing in mind that the manufacturer promised that it will be stronger than Porsche P1, which produces 721 horsepower, we can confirm at least 740 horsepower of strength in this car and 209 pound-feet of torque, slightly lower than on the previous model. However, the speed of 60 mph increases for 7.5 seconds.

2019 McLaren 675LT Release Date and Price

The price for 2019 McLaren 675LT is not finally confirmed, but knowing that the last model cost $375,000, there are high chances that this model will cost at least that much. Keep in mind that this model could be made in a limited number of units, and that could be only 500 units, and that could increase the price. When it comes to the competitions, among main competitors are Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Lamborghini Huracan, and Ferrari 488 GT.