The Maserati Granturismo model has been present in the market for almost a decade now. The fans of this performance-oriented car are keenly anticipating its redesigned next-generation version, but it seems that we will not see it quite soon. At least, it will not hit the market in 2018.
2019 Maserati Granturismo


The 2019 Maserati Granturismo is going to make its appearance as a high-performance sports car, wearing a brand-new exterior design. It has been confirmed that the new Granturismo will be offered as a coupe and a convertible version. It will also be available in two trim levels – Sport and MC. The reason this car could be late for its 2019 arrival is its brand-new architecture. Namely, the carmaker should develop a new platform that will be all-aluminum. Besides being lighter, its chassis will also be stiffer and get a lower center of gravity. Such a lightweight car will significantly boost its acceleration and overall performance. When it comes to exterior features, some of them, especially those found in the front fascia, have been largely inspired by the 2014 Alfieri concept car. The long nose of the new Grandturismo will wear a redesigned grille that will get more rounded hexagonal shape. Its air intake will be found lower in the bumper and the whole vehicle will acquire a more aggressive styling. In the back part of the new Granturismo, you will find a redesigned rear bumper.


Inside the 2019 Maserati Granturismo, you should expect a modern cabin that will undergo some serious changes and updates. The new Granturismo will provide four seats that will be covered in premium leather. The seats should be comfortable, adjustable and supportive, especially at those high speeds. Besides materials, Maserati will clearly improve its technology. The driver will find some serious updates on the dashboard and the instrument cluster. The center console will reveal an 8.4-inch touch-screen display with the latest infotainment system. It will provide some of the latest next-generation features such as a rearview camera, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, but also the Harman-Kardon sound system. Numerous safety systems and driver assist features will also be included.
2019 Maserati Granturismo


Both trims that the 2019 Maserati Granturismo will offer, Sport and MC, should use the same 4.7-liter Ferrari-built V8 engine. Such an engine is expected to deliver 460 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. However, its six-speed automatic transmission should probably be replaced by a ZF’s eight-speed automatic. It has been estimated that the new Granturismo will take about 4.8 seconds to hit 60 mph while its top speed will be 186 mph.
2019 Maserati Granturismo

2019 Maserati Granturismo

The 2019 Granturismo might not hit the market before 2019. It could be even delayed until 2020, but we hope for more details soon. When it comes to price details, you should start saving some money since the Sport trim could cost around $132,825 and the Convertible MC even $161,070.

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