2019 Honda S2000 is obviously long waited for a sporty model that comes without many changes from the last model and surely as attractive as sports cars on the market, but also not much different from its main usage and that is driving on high speeds. When Honda stopped with the production of these model in 2009 people were disappointed, so they offered something similar to S2000 as an S660 model for the Japanese market. However, it was about a time to see something new in old package, to follow not very attractive market nowadays, a two-seat sports car market for the special type of the buyers.


2019 Honda S2000 review

2019 Honda S2000 has remained the same sporty look as on previous models, which was attractive to fans and buyers and represents an original shape and design in sports car class. That includes long and slightly curved front end, similar to Toyota Supra, with wide air intake and modern, thin lights on the sides. The rear end is short and curved, with modern and unique rear lights on the sides of the bumper. The car is made on the bespoke platform by using only lightweight materials, like aluminum in combination with carbon fiber inserts for better driving performances.


2019 Honda S2000 interior

The cabin in 2019 Honda S2000 is pretty much the same as on old models, with only a few changes in design, and modernized details as a decoration. It is a modernly stylized car, with a touch of sportiness and luxury, mostly in details on the dashboard and the seats. As a sports model, S2000 has differently designed dashboard, with the commands placed right in front of the driver, for easy access and control in higher speeds.


There is a special sporty and strong engine in 2019 Honda S2000, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder longitudinally mounted petrol unit with around 300 horsepower of strength. There are expectations that this engine could be paired with two-powered electrical units, too. That makes this model closer to Honda Civic Type-R which has the same petrol engine without the electric part and almost the same strength. However, the most favorable and competitive on this car is a combination with a six-speed manual transmission which increases the speed and strength of the engine and thanks to the lightweight aluminum chassis it also produces higher speeds.

2019 Honda S2000 back

2019 Honda S2000 Release Date and Price

2019 Honda S2000 comes before the end of the year, most likely at Los Angeles Auto Show as a 2019 model. There are high chances that the manufacturer will represent it to celebrate 70’s anniversary, which is this year. Starting price is $50,000 and that shows that S2000 should be the main competitor to Toyota Supra, together with Acura NSX, and Honda Civic R-Type, all in same class according to features, engine type, and the price.