As the typical representative of BMW 3-series class, the 2019 BMW M3 doesn’t seem much different from other cars from the same class. We can recognize a large bumper with muscle hood and a little lower nose, sides and tail with also lowered fenders and small wheels. In order to represent weight lighter vehicle, the engineers made a carbon-fiber roof and lower center of gravity. Otherwise, all in a new car is lighter, controlled from the driver, available on demand and on some level, sportier and easier.


After major changes in 2015 model, 2019 BMW M3 has not many changes. There are some changes in trim versions and with used equipment in them. You will see LED arranged taillights in recognizable L shape. There are more little ads, like keyless access, satellite radio and more. Using a lighter materials such as aluminum in making the hood and carbon-fiber and reinforced-plastic bits in fender making will drastically increase the speed and energy saving. Front fenders and hood, made of aluminum and trunk lid, roof and driveshaft from carbon fiber are surely an improvement in car making for the future years in the car industry. You’ll be surprised with large suspension and double-joint widespread front axle, also made of light materials, like aluminum.


When you sit in the car, after the first impressions with outside look, you’ll be impressed again with the great equipment and innovations included the cabin making. There are more M badges, specific controls for the electronic equipment, front seats which are made with a special sense for body structure and modern drivers’ needs. There will be a couple of trim versions of this model, from sporty, modest and high-performed with the highest price with correspondent equipment.


For those who like sedans and their versions, the expected engine is 3.0-liter twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder with 425 horsepower or the last-generation 4.0-liter V8 with 414 horsepower of strength. Measured pound-feet of torque are 406 which is around 100 pound-feet of torque more than on the last model. Even we expect extremely loud sound from this strong engine; on the contrary it’s not the case with the new 2019 BMW M3, which is quiet and unexpectedly calm. The speed from 0 to 60 mph can reach for only 3.9 seconds (in the manual version of six-speed transmission is 4.1 seconds) and top speed is limited on 155 mph.

2019 BMW M3 Price

The starting price is going to be around $60,000, but some experts claim that there is no reason for buying for less than $63,000 according to expected equipment and trim level versions. Release Date is not confirmed yet, but it is expected that be out in middle of 2018.