2018 Toyota Tundra would be the epitome of magnitude and powerful design in all aspects.

Release Date

2018 Toyota Tundra
Regarding the release date of 2018 Toyota Tundra, well, the truck has been officially presented to the world market, and we know some of the specifications. However, the manufacturer has not yet released this truck for sales in authorized dealerships, even though this is expected to take place during the end of 2017, while some estimates set this date for the beginning of 2018.

2018 Toyota Tundra Price

2018 Toyota Tundra
Regarding the price lists for Toyota Tundra, we still do not have any reliable prices for this truck. On the other hand, there have been some estimates which predict that the price range of this truck would go between $25 000 and $40 000, depending on the trim and equipment package.


2018 Toyota Tundra
When we are talking about the manufacturer’s exterior design of 2018 Toyota Tundra, we should first mention that the truck would be produced with four doors, but there are some announcements that the version with two doors may also appear. Additionally, there would be a big cargo area, which would be perfectly designed for transport of goods and materials. Furthermore, the manufacturer would use LED technology for headlamps and taillights.


In addition to masculine and grandiose exterior design, the exterior design of 2018 Toyota Tundra would be quite huge. Namely, all five passengers on two rows of seats would have more than enough leg room and head space. In addition to this, the manufacturer would use leather and wood materials for seats and upholstery. There would also be the incorporation of various modern technology, like Bluetooth, iPod and USB connectivity. Furthermore, the manufacturer would offer optional touchscreen of 6.1 inches. In addition to this, the manufacturer would also offer a lot of safety options. Some of these safety options would include cruise control and ABS braking.

Engine and Transmission

It almost goes without saying that 2018 Toyota Tundra would be equipped with powerful engine option since it would be primarily built to be able to overcome any terrain and weather hindrance and obstacle. This is the reason why the manufacturer would offer this truck with a 4.0 liter engine, which would be a V6 engine with the possibility of creating 270 horsepower and using 278 lb-ft of torque. This particular engine would be connected with the manual transmission with five speeds, and it would use 16 mpg in city and 20 mpg on highway.

Furthermore, the manufacturer would also offer a 4.6 liter engine, which would be a V8 engine with the output of 310 horsepower and usage of 327 lb-ft of torque. In addition to these two, the manufacturer would also offer the third engine option, and it would be a 5.7 liter, V8, engine with the production of 381 horsepower and usage of 401 lb-ft of torque. Rear-wheel and four-wheel driving systems are expected to be offered by the manufacturer. All in all, 2018 Toyota Tundra would be perfect for all types of weather and terrain conditions.