The size and strength of 2018 Toyota Tacoma are never put in question, and this is also combined with powerful design and great engine performances.


When we are talking about the exterior design of 2018 Toyota Tacoma, the first thing that comes to our minds is how huge it is. Namely, this would be a very masculine and big truck with slightly sharpened edges and lines. However, there would be a dose of elegance which would be added by the usage of the LED headlights and taillights running on the latest technology. Also, the grille and front bumper would be able to surpass any terrain and weather difficulty. Finally, the truck would be produced as a model with four doors, but there would also be a very huge cargo area, more than sufficient for different transportation needs. Check out new 2019 Toyota Tacoma.


There would be space for maximum five passengers on two seat rows in 2018 Toyota Tacoma. Furthermore, the manufacturer would also include a lot of safety options, such as cross-traffic alert and blind spot monitor, in addition to numerous high-tech gadgets.

Engine and Transmission

There have been many speculations regarding the engine options of 2018 Tacoma. One thing is sure, those engine options would be very powerful so that they could give enough strength that this type of truck simply needs. It is believed that the first engine choice that the manufacturer would offer would be a 2.7 liter engine. This would be an engine with four cylinders and it would be paired with the manual gear box which would have five speeds. Furthermore, there would also a more powerful engine option included, and this would be a 3.5 liter engine. We are talking about a V6 engine which would be capable of producing about 280 horsepower. Furthermore, this would be a D-4S engine with direct injection which would most probably have the manual transmission with six speeds. Regarding the driving systems, the manufacturer would surely enable the rear-wheel driving system, but the four-wheel driving system would be also offered as a potential choice.
The prices would show how affordable 2018 Toyota Tacoma is, but the specifications tell us that it would be worth every cent.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Release Date

When we are talking about the first public appearance of 2018 Toyota Tacoma, we should say that it occurred during the 2017 North American International Auto Show which took place from the 11th to the 24th January 2015 in Detroit, Michigan, the USA. Even though the world premiere took place a while ago, the sales have not commenced yet. What is more interesting is the fact that there is not even the prediction about the potential sales date.


Moreover, even though the car has been presented, and the sales are expected to commence during the end of 2015, or beginning of 2018, the manufacturer has not presented any prices for this truck. So, we would need to wait a bit more for prices of Toyota Tacoma.