2018 Toyota Supra maybe would not attract so much attention, that there has not been announced an interesting cooperation between Toyota and BMW. After the many expected new models and names from this pair of the popular car manufacturers, it seems that their new baby will actually be something old and that’s Supra. Knowing that Toyota has never given up on the FT-1 concept in making the previous Supra models, it will be interesting to see what new cooperation will bring for this model.


The previous models of Supra were almost similar to each other and always been made on the FT-1 platform. That platform is too big and bunchy for the new partner BMW, so the rumors say that 2018 Toyota Supra will be made on known Z4 platform from BMW, but renovated and stylized with the new name – Z5. This Z5 platform will have a new line near to the vent on the rear end, twisted and curved sideline with convex side doors and the car will be a little shorter than previous models. The completely new on this model is its front end, with the angled new lights and two air carbon fiber intakes.


As on many new models, the interior of 2018 Toyota Supra is a big mystery. After the many complaints on previous too complicated and unnecessarily overladen dashboards in Toyota cars, many knowers claim that the new model will have the simplest and dumbed-down dashboard. The new steering wheel will have only important commands and the simple infotainment and entertainment system. However, that’s pretty much all we can know at this moment. The cooperation with the BMW surely demands some innovations and rich and comfort interior design.


Again, the combination of the two powerful and popular brands promises an animal under the hood. Even some experts claim that the BMW will provide nothing less than V10 engine, more realistic predictions said that it will be V6 hybrid powertrain with the 400 horsepower and 186 mph of the maximum speed and with only 6 seconds needed for the reaching the speed of the 60 mph. It’s expected to see the famous BMW engine in new 2018 Toyota Supra, with the option of rear or all wheels drive power.

Price of 2018 Toyota Supra
The price is, as we expected, a secret, but it’s not hard to predict the possible price range for this combination of two famous brands. A car like 2018 Toyota Supra cannot cost less than $40,000 and the price will obviously go higher with the equipment and engine options. The releasing date might be on Tokyo car show or during 2017.