2018 Toyota RAV4 came to the market few months ago with several minor modifications. Toyota didn’t want to implement huge transformations this time, just comes with slight refreshments. The biggest advantage of this crossover SUV is space. There is plenty of room for every passenger and ride is comfortable for every one of them. Performances are generally improved thus 2018 model comes with better fuel economy and equipment than its predecessor. This model is believed to have better sales figures and that is more popular on Japanese market than before. Market is saturated with crossover SUVs but RAV4 managed to find its place. If you are interested in this SUV you should read this article and check all advantages and disadvantages of 2018 model and why Toyota is so proud of this vehicle.


There are many pros and cons of this vehicle and engine can be included in both. Power figures are below average, but it has amazing fuel efficiency. The 2.5l 4-cylinder stayed unchanged. This engine unit comes with an output of 176 HP and 172 lb-ft of torque. Even though these figures are under the average in the class of crossover SUVs, you won’t have a feeling that you are lacking something. However, we advise them to put more effort in this field in order to increase popularity of the RAV4. AWD and FWD have different fuel efficiency and FWD is slightly better. With all-wheel drive the 2018 Toyota RAV4 is rated at 25 mpg, 22/29 mpg in a city and on highway, respectively. On the other hand, with front-wheel drive, new RAV4 reaches 26 mpg combined, 24/31 mpg. They sacrificed the power for the efficiency hence we can conclude this vehicle targets those who pay attention to fuel consumption. Transmission system is 6-speed automatic gearbox and it seems this Japanese automaker didn’t want to release manual transmission system this year.


There are several different trim levels offered:LE, XLE and Limited. All these levels have lots of things in common and they all share navigation system, audio system, climate system, etc. which are controlled by 6.1-inch monitor. Whole dashboard is made of plastic and that is probably the biggest flaw of the interior and something they could work on in the future. We are not sure why Toyota keeps the plastic in RAV4 and they abandoned it when it comes to other vehicles. Leather-wrapped seats are used this time and there are plenty of special features, such as hands-free, front seats heating system, rear view camera, and much more. Also it will be equipped with iPod and USB connectivity, but bear in mind that some of these features can only be found in the Limited edition. New 2018 Toyota RAV4 is equipped with top notch materials thus it is one of the most comfortable crossovers released this year.

2018 Toyota RAV4 PRICE

The Limited edition is the most expensive with $35,000. Price seems reasonable if you take into consideration everything that this trim level offers. LE trim level is the cheapest with $25,000 which is the price below the average in the class of crossover SUVs.