The first hydrogen fuel-cell-powered car which is sold in North America is 2018 Toyota Mirai. For Toyota things are simple, the new fuel, hydrogen is something which is the touch of the future in the present. After the first Prius in 1997, Toyota hadn’t changed anything in new car making; the great opportunities of this type of car have been proved.


The looks of this car have to be in order to provide the best engine performances. At the front of the car are big corner intakes, because this engine needs a lot of air which gets thanks to compressors, radiators and electronics all connected with the powertrain. It looks like the hood float above the front fenders, and the roof appears to float above the windows. The similar things in on the rear end of the car.

2018 Toyota Mirai Interior

You can see even three display screens and similar look as Prius. At the first look is a futuristic car which looks like the space ship. A comfortable seats and all care for the passengers is what we expect from this size of the car. There will be usual equipment, as Bluetooth connectivity, USB and iPod port, heated seats and more.



The engine is a fuel cell with 153 horsepower which is put under the front seats. There is a lithium-ion battery pack for added power. Even the time needed for reaching 60 mph only 9, 1 seconds, after the 30 mph you may feel that the engine has lower power and that’s until 55 mph. After that, things are much better. Two tanks contain up to 5 kg of pressed hydrogen. It’s hard to say how to measure the fuel economy because it’s completely different type of the engine. Maybe is the best explanation that this car spent as same level of fuel as most energy-efficient electric cars, which is BMW for the past year. The hydrogen is almost water, so you can put this car into the garage and forget it; there is no dangerous from gas poisoning.


2018 Toyota Mirai Price

Obviously, this car is available only in small part of the California, where are made up the hydrogen stations. But, don’t worry about that. Next year will be the year of the new gasoline stations, according to the rumors. If you still have an idea how to drive this interesting car, the expected price is somewhere around $57,500 MSRP, LEASE A MIRAI $349 per month, for 36 months.