The 2018 Toyota FT-1 proves that the new age demands good car design at the top of every other feature on modern cars. Nothing is that important as good looking and style, because every else has already been improved. The engines are better, faster and economic, the interior design and space are always the best and high-technology gives the highest values to every modern car. Now is time for designers to show off and in this FT-1 that’s their highest range.


The outside look of 2018 Toyota FT-1 is close to Supra, which is actually redesigned for these purposes. It’s softened and adapted for the market, but it’s still the great and unbelievable and amazing. The front end is fulfilled with two air intakes and two ventilation fans with the bumper in the middle of it. At the end of the car is the exhaust in the middle of it with LED lights in both front and rear end. The body stands on 19-inch wheels and the whole car now looks stable and safety, but cute and handsome for every buyer on the market. You may feel a little mesmerized when this big animal stands in front of you somewhere in the city.


As we said, the inside of every car in the last couple of years must have the best infotainment and entertainment system in it, together with special space for passengers and luggage. That’s some of the features which are needless to say. The cabin of 2018 Toyota FT-1 is similar to the concept car, but it seems that all in it are made for the driver. That’s why is everything available for the driver without releasing the wheel and taking the eyes on the road, so there is a large touchscreen, for example, automatic climate control, navigation system and cruise control, all on the futuristic dashboard. Just for pleasure and feeling of luxury, there is leather on wheel and comfort and adjustable seats and for fun… well, whole list of devices and high-tech toys.


Even know said that car like 2018 Toyota FT-1 must have a strong engine like V6 or V8 that didn’t happen. There is smaller 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine, made in cooperation with BMW. It’s still strong with 450 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque, and increasing the time from 0 to 60 mph for only 4 seconds so there’s no reason for regret for a better engine.

2018 Toyota FT-1 Price

The expected price is starting from $100,000 which makes this car on of the most expensive in the class.