Maybe the one of the best-selling models from Toyota – Estima has a new version now as 2018 Toyota Estima. With known features and the new one which is prepared for this new model, it seems to conquer the market slowly, first in Japan and then all around the world. Especially in Japan is crazy for this car, and now, with unique design this minivan already wins the market.


2018 Toyota Estima
The new redesigned has been changed in order to provide more aggressive and robust car. In that purpose is large and wide front grille with angular details. Sleeker silhouette is just for its amazing and crazy look and with a list of new colors, the manufacturer has accomplishment the aim – 2018 Toyota Estima is a sporty car. The only thing you shouldn’t expect is redesigning of rear end which is more or less the same. Together with redesigned grille are new LED daytime running lights and redesigned headlights while the wheels are redesigned and changed, with new side mirrors and details. The only thing changes a little at the back are taillights, even those are just customized with front lights.


The cabin of 2018 Toyota Estima has kept the look of the family car. The wide space is in that purpose together with a practical cabin. At the middle of it is a large and futuristic dashboard (which some of luckier who had seen it called airplane dash) with inevitable touchscreen all in a new level of futuristic look. Thanks to the sunroof, this car goes to the luxury box and high technology is just a part of this amazing equipment for this car. Some of them are an audio and sound system, air controls, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, USB/iPod interface, HD radio, CD player, auxiliary input and more. The comfort allowed with more space inside of the cabin is fulfilled with leather upholstery and adjustable heated seats, together with more space for legs and shoulders and taller passengers.


2018 Toyota Estima
The base model of 2018 Toyota Estima will have 2.4-liter four-cylinder 2A-FE engine with 170 horsepower of strength. The engine needs five-speed transmission and it will be available with two and four wheel drive. Fuel consumption says that it needs 12.5 miles for one liter of fuel, which is very good for an average minivan.

2018 Toyota Estima Price

2018 Toyota Estima
Starting price is around $22,000 and rumors said that it will not go higher than $26,000