The 2018 Toyota Aygo is trying of car maker to make more French designed model since the first Aygo has attracted attention in Car Show in Geneva. This new design looks good for all buyers and surely attract attention, but don’t forget all other changes and features in term of inside design and equipment as engine efficiency as the whole package of features.


The new design of the car shows that Japanese manufacturer knows what the meaning of popular and modern is. That proves its massive front grille, rounded lights at the front of it and X-outline for the whole front end. The 2018 Toyota Aygo will surely attract attention with those headlights which look more funny and crazy with rear vertical lights as the opposite of it. This design, as we said, has made a change in car design for all class, making the other cars more funny and attractive for younger buyers. It came the time for younger drivers who want to go further and drive an unusual car with silly details.


The cabin of 2018 Toyota Aygo is not that interesting because of space or cargo room because designers have not worry much about that. This model is already popular with comfort and warm cabin, and they haven’t changed much in that part. But, the high-tech devices are really candy in this car class. Some of them are 7-inch central touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, mirror link, USB and iPod interface, HD radio, CD player, sound and audio system, air condition, cruise control, auxiliary input and heated adjustable seats. Speaking of seats, there is five, soft and comfort for grown passengers, with a lot of space for legs and shoulders inside of it.


The engine solution gives three-cylinder V12 for 70 horsepower. The speed of 60 mph increases for 14.2 seconds, but give a chance for fuel consumption for this amazing engine. It’s 73 mpg. This means that at the first look small and very poor engine is actually the best choice for those who care about the environment and their wallet but with the best engine performances. The 2018 Toyota Aygo provides X-shift gearbox instead of usual five manual transmissions.

2018 Toyota Aygo Price

Everything on this car is unusual and new. The price range for this car starts from $10,500 and goes to $14,000 which is much less than any other car from this class. It’s really amazing car for all types of buyers!