If you need an impressive and modern car, then you should consider putting 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept on next shopping list. It is basically the same coupe, but bigger than every other small pick-up and with new body shape and details in outside of it, it will attract attention for a long time.


It has angled body with flat windshield and shorter overhangs than on last model, with wind resistant factor thanks to its cab-forward appearance. But, the modern and futuristic look provides the solar panels which return the sun energy in electricity for engine, which is deservedly for fuel savings, too. Its attractive look is in shadow of great engine solution. The knowers said that this car is capable to fulfill the expectation of buyers who demand luxury and stylized car and those who wants sporty and off-road truck.


Toyota A-BAT Concept

For some knowers, 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept is flexible vehicle and suitable for drivers and passengers. Still, it’s hard to say when we don’t know how it will look like, but we can predict the best innovations inside of the cabin, wide infotainment system and futuristic design and appearance. We surely expect the devices like Bluetooth phone connectivity, HD radio and CD player, together with properly air conditioning, adjustable seats, USB and iPod interface and sound and audio system.


Talking about the futuristic car, the 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept has reach the highest step in that term not only in outside design. The car has innovative hybrid system, which don’t use only a fuel and combination of fuel and electricity but it’s upgraded an eight-speed engine with Synergy Drive System technique for best fuel consumption on the market. The fuel economy in this car is not only a number; it’s a process of measuring the best value of it day by day. With this engine, buyers will feel the pleasure of relaxing in long driving and calming in city driving on peak traffic. Finally, they will show they care about environment. The manufacturer claim that the fuel economy is going better to 80% with this new engine and the drivers will feel the relief with the first driving.

2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept Price

The price and release date is still unknown, because the 2018 Toyota A-Bat Concept hasn’t still released, but we expect favorable price even the car represent the best innovative technology so when the number is been released, be sure that you’ll get the best in given price range.