The need for an elegant SUV with great specifications and performances made the manufacturer to produce 2018 Nissan X Trail. This SUV would have it all, from comfort and safety to great high-tech gadgets and other settings and accessories.


2018 Nissan X Trail would be made to be very elegantly and stylishly looking. This would be done by a smooth lines which would have a good addition to headlamps and taillights which would run on the latest LED technology. This look would be additionally boosted by the usage of alloy wheels of 17 or 18 inches. Finally, the SUV would have four doors, and a door for a huge cargo area.


Comfort and elegance would be other names for Nissan X Trail 2018. The reason for this would be the finest materials and fabrics that are going to be used for seats and upholstery, speaking of which, there would be two rows of seats for five passengers. The manufacturer would also include the brand new infotainment system.

Engine and Transmission

The manufacturer has did its best in order to create a very reliable, yet powerful enough, SUV. This is the primary reason why the manufacturer has chosen to use a 2.5 liter engine under the hood of 2018 Nissan X Trail. Moreover, this would be an inline-4 engine and it would be capable of producing 170 horsepower and using 170 lb-ft of torque. Regarding the transmission the manufacturer chose to pair this engine with, this would be the automatic one, i.e. this would be an Xtronic CVT transmission which would have six speeds. Furthermore. The base driving system would be the front-wheel one; however, there would be an option for the four-wheel driving system for additional payment. The manufacturer has worked a lot on the fuel efficiency, and it would be 26 mpg in city and 33 mpg on highway. There have been some speculations that there would be also a hybrid version, but this remains to be confirmed by the manufacturer.Taking all things into consideration, Nissan X Trail 2018 would have the perfect mixture of beautiful exterior design and great engine performances, all topped by great specifications and equipment package.

2018 Nissan X Trail Price

After the official debut of Nissan X Trail, the manufacturer has announced the sales and the pricing for this SUV. This is why it is known that the base model of this SUV is priced at $27 990. However, additional equipment and trims are priced a bit higher.

2018 Nissan X Trail Release Date

The first public appearance of 2018 Nissan X Trail took place during the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from the 5th to the 15th March 2017. After the official presentation in the showroom, the manufacturer has announced the commencement of the sales for the second part of this, 2015, year. The sales commenced in July 2017, and it is believed that this SUV would be available in all authorized dealerships in the world by December 2017.