Established in December 1933 Nissan Motor Company Ltd is a Japanese multinational auto manufacturer with headquarter in Nishi-ku, Yokohama Japan. Partnership between Nissan and a French automaker Renault started in 1999, as of 2013 Renault holds 43,4% of voting stake in Nissan. Together, Nissan-Renault alliance is fourth largest automaker in the world. In this article we will talk about Nissan’s iconic model 2018 Nissan GT-R. First model of Nissan Skyline GT-R was introduced in 2007, eight years later designers and engineers came up with this eight years old but totally new by design and performance GT-R.


Nissan focused in changing the performances in new GT-R, so much of exterior stayed the same from earlier years. Little changes in aerodynamics, body line is almost the same as its predecessor. Sure this look can go on for couple years more, but still everyone expected changes. In front there is slightly changed design for headlights, and the biggest innovation is 20 inch alloy wheels. In the back you can see horizontal light unit on the diffuser representing the only change in rear view design of new GT-R.


Same as exterior, interior design hasn’t changed much, compared to 2015 year model. 2018 Nissan Skyline inside is enough room for four passengers with standard infotainment, safety and comfort equipment. On central console mounted is a LCD screen providing info on acceleration, braking and steering guides and it offers recording function with playback. Climate control, GPS, high quality upholstery, hi-tech audio system, power windows and some minor interior changes are included in 2106 model. But all this seems a little outdated obsolete in comparison with other auto makers and models for 2018 year.

Engine and performance

Although it has been revised and retuned, engine designated for new GT-R gives same amount of power as its predecessor. This twin-turbo 3.8 Liter V-6 powertrain gives output of 545 Horsepower and 463 lb-ft of torque. Thing I love about this car is its speed and time getting from 0 to 60. But let us mention numerous changes in suspension and brake systems, which are making this car more stable and precise in corners and on the race tracks.
Engine V6
Transmission Dual clutch sequential 6-speed
Horsepower @ RPM 545 @ 6400
MPG (city/highway) 16/23
Torque @ RPM 463 @ 3200
Displacement 3.8 L
0-60 time 3 sec.
Top Speed 196 mph

2018 Nissan Skyline Price and release date

New GTR price is not official yet, but there are rumors that starting price will be around $149,990.