2018 Nissan Navara would be a new generation of pickup truck due to its good performances and specifications. Here are information about price, release date,engine, and review about new Navara.


The manufacturer is planning to produce Nissan Navara with two versions, i.e. the one having four doors and the other having only two doors. Both doors would have an enormous cargo area, which can be also covered when needed. The overall elegant design would be increased by the usage of LED headlights and taillights.


No matter about the number of doors of 2018 Nissan Navara, the truck would have two seat rows for five passengers. The settings would be numerous and adjusted for providing comfort and safety for passengers. There would be a satellite navigation, and an optional touch screen.

Engine and Transmission

When making the concept and preparing the design of 2018 Navara, one of the primary aims of the manufacturer was to build a very powerful pickup truck which would be able to overcome any potential obstacle during driving. Because of this reason, the manufacturer would use several engine options, each one of them would be quite satisfactory for a potential buyer. First of all, the manufacturer would offer two version of a 2.5 liter engine. Namely, this would be a turbo diesel engine and it would have two variants. The first one would be capable of producing 188 horsepower and using 450 Nm of torque, while the second one would be capable of producing 160 horsepower and using 400 Nm of torque. Then there would be the second engine version, i.e. a 2.3 liter engine.

This would be the gas engine and it would also have two variants. The first variant of this engine would be capable of creating the output of 488 horsepower and using 450 Nm of torque, while the second variant would be capable of giving the output of 158 horsepower and using 403 Nm of torque. Regarding the transmission these engines would be paired with, this would either be the automatic transmission with seven speeds or the manual transmission with ix speeds. Furthermore, the manufacturer would most surely enable the four-wheel driving system.
There is not much left to say but to conclude that 2018 Nissan Navara would be very powerful, stable and with great performances.

2018 Nissan Navara Release date

There is not any hint when exactly 2018 Nissan Navara would hit the showrooms, but it is expected that the revealing of this truck would take place during the final months of 2017. Consequently, there has not been any announcement of the sales date; however, the estimates put this date somewhere during the first quarter of 2016.

2018 Nissan Navara Price

Since we are talking about a model which has not had its official debut and for which we do not have a sales date established, we surely cannot provide you with specific prices for specific packages. On the other hand, there are some speculations which provide the price range from $18,000 to $24,000 as a price range for various trims.