We can confirm that 2018 McLaren 675LT is the car for the high class of customers. As some economics said, this is a golden era for rich people and those who make the cars for them. But, there are not much of these on the markets. It seems that the manufacturer spends most of the time making the car “for every pocket” and none of them even think about the risk people needs. Well, that ugly habit will have been changed with this car.


If anyone interesting, 2018 McLaren 675LT is a much lighter car than other in the same class, and with all those aluminum on the wheels, doors and in details it’s not hard to predict. Together with the aluminum, there is carbon fiber and titanium, just to add luxuries on the already expensive car. Body shape is adapted for more aerodynamic purposes and at the front and rear end are more aggressive diffusers ends while the front bumper steering air is completely new. At the end of the car is also new tailpipes made from a titanium alloy that turns blue after hard use.


There is not much surprising inside of the cabin of 2018 McLaren 675LT. We surely expect the luxuries and elegance, with natural materials and high-tech ads. There are more carbon and micro suede in the completely designed car as similar model 650s from the same manufacturer. That means the same instrument display, central console. The only changes are in lack of the door-mounted climate controls which is replaced by buttons on the central touch screen and new Dynamic mode for the stability control. The other technology stuff is not mentioned, but we can just imagine what of those is built-in this precious car. The new aged car is can’t be imagined without such things like Bluetooth and USB connectivity, audio and sound system and more.


Maybe a little disappointed with twin-turbocharged V8 we can be surprised with even 666 horsepower of strength and 641 pound-feet of torque. Now is clear why it engine designers call “the devil under the hood”. This is a huge moving forward from the previous model 650s, which we use for comparison. Don’t worry for its stability and safety, it’s provided by the highest classes of equipment built-in it.


2018 McLaren 675LT Price

It’s interesting that even for $350,000 which is starting price of 2018 McLaren 675LT; you actually can’t buy this model because every single sample is already sold. That obviously rises up the feeling of uniqueness and richness of the same owners.