The first information about the new 2018 Lincoln Continental has appeared a few months ago. We heard that it will be redesigned the car, after 10 years of showing the same look of this model. There are some changes in details in term of design, in engine performances, but the whole car gives the feeling of luxury and style which is something new after the last model.


2018 Lincoln Continental
The present model of Lincoln has a limited Ford’s latest CD4 platform or something which looks like on that. That means that 2018 Lincoln Continental is front and all-wheel drive car, flashy stylized and big and grown-up car with a conventional design. There are new doors and flagship, never seen of Lincoln cars, but already present in Ford’s car, which means that Lincoln decided to inherit the similar habit from the current model. One word expressed, expect the unique and original car, with new and futuristic details, but with adopted look from Ford models and inspiration for all new-generation cars.


2018 Lincoln Continental interior

2018 Lincoln Continental interior

It’s refined cabin as the body shape in the 2018 Lincoln Continental, two. There are new materials, like leather and wood, together with lots of space for tall passengers and whole car looks somehow larger and extended. That also means a lot of cargo space, but some level of comfort and pleasure during the driving. It shall mean that this car has rich infotainment system and high technology so there is a touchscreen display, audio system, heavy surround sound system, lots of speakers and power. For safety and trusted driving there are lane-keeping assist and lane-departure warning together with park assist and adaptive cruise control.

Expected engine in 2018 Lincoln Continental is strong 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 for 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Even some competitors like Ford have stronger V12 engine or 6.2-liter V8, the Lincoln has made a good choice with a smaller engine, fit enough for the sedan and with good fuel economy. There is information about the transmission and that will be a nine-speed transmission which is the first time in history and that is pretty much everything we know about this car. There is no information about the fuel economy or max speed and similar things.

2018 Lincoln Continental review

2018 Lincoln Continental Price

Even some knowers said that Lincoln Continental hasn’t met the expectations and hasn’t reached the competitors; it’s still a good car for the nice price. With only $40,000 for basic model, it has the right to be put in the same line with the other cars in same class.