2018 Lexus GX 460 would be a breath of fresh air on the market since it would have extremely aesthetically pleasing exterior design combined with great equipment package and engine performances.


The exterior of 2018 Lexus GX 460 would be very elegant and stylized. The lines and edges would be smooth and aerodynamic with the beautiful addition of LED headlamps and taillights. Regarding the dimensions of the SUV itself, it would be 192.1 inches long, 74.2 inches wide, 74.2 inches high and the wheelbase would be 109.8 inches long. The overall impression would be increased by the incorporation of the wheel made from aluminum and which are of eighteen inches. The SUV would have four doors and it would be also equipped with the trunk door.


2018 Lexus GX 460 would be very comfortable and spacy. Leather seats would provide additional comfort. Also, there would be two rows of seats for maximum of five passengers. The manufacturer would also include a lot of modern technologies and safety features in order to make driving more enjoyable and safer. This is the reason why he would include electronic stability control, traction control, rear-view camera, low tire pressure warning and many other.

Engine and Transmission

Apart from having powerful and elegant exterior design, Lexus GX 460 would be also equipped with a very powerful and reliable engine. More precisely, we are talking about a 4.6 liter engine. This particular engine would be capable of producing 301 horsepower @ 5500 and using 329 lb-ft of torque @3500. We are talking about a V8 engine which is using unleaded premium. Regarding the fuel system, it would be the sequential MPI. In addition to all this, the manufacturer would also enable the four-wheel driving system. The transmission itself would be the automatic one and it would have six speeds. When we are talking about the braking system, there would be 4-wheel brakes included, and there would be 4-wheel ABS braking system included. The manufacturer would also include the double wishbone suspension. The fuel tank capacity would be 23 gallons, and the fuel consumption in city would be 15 mpg and 20 mpg on highway.
The conclusion is simple, 2018 Lexus GX 460 would have more than satisfactory equipment package combined with great specifications and performances.

2018 GX 460 Release Date

When we are talking about Lexus GX 460, we can say that this SUV has already ben officially revealed, and we thus know its specifications. In addition to this, the manufacturer has announced the sales of this SUV for the fall of 2015.

2018 Lexus GX 460 Price

Taking into consideration the above mentioned things, we can only conclude that we do have [price lists for Lexus GX 460. There would be two different trims and equipment packages of this SUV. The first one would be a $WD 4-Door base version which would be priced at $50 140, while the upgraded and improved version would be a 4Wd 4-Door Luxury with the price of $61 515.