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2018 Hummer H2 Review and Price

Hummer has established itself over the years as a true household name within the arena of classic SUV vehicles. While keeping its essence firmly rooted in its military background, Hummer is nowadays a true legend when it comes to tough, reliable, powerful and comfortable luxury cars. Now, in 2018, the new range of H2 vehicles is getting a new release and a whole series of updates, thus bringing this classic SUV model back into the limelight.


There are a number of changes that the new Hummer range will present, as compared to the original Hummer H2 model. Firstly, there will be a wide variety of choices regarding color and the overall body kit. Also, the new model will be decisively larger than any previous iterations of the Hummer (now supporting over 8,000 pounds of weight), as well as over-sized wheels (40 x 15.5 x 20). The front torsion bar suspension functions independently and has been greatly improved, in order to allow for a much smoother and more enjoyable driving experience. It is also possible to shift between front wheel drive and four wheel drive, while the vehicle is moving on the road. The 2018 H2 features a new grill with the Hummer emblem, giving a fresh touch to the vehicle´s overall appearance. Many improvements to the interior design and features have also been made.

Engine & Performance

The new engine powering the H2 is a powerful 6.0 liter V8, capable of 393 horse power (or 293 KW). With these new specs, high performance and optimal efficiency are guaranteed. The vehicle has a six speed automatic transmission that is transferred to all wheels, thus making it possible to carry large volumes of weight with increased ease.


When it comes to the interior of the 2018 Hummer H2, the emphasis has been placed on a sporty, pristine look. The color theme is a dual layout, with black and silver elements. The console now comes equipped with touch screen displays and colored switches. The high quality leather insert, as well as the enlarged head and leg room make driving the new H2 even more enjoyable.


The body kit is available in black chrome, as well as the classic silver look. The new design is dynamic and edgy, giving the vehicle a sense of toughness combined with the highest standards of luxury.

2018 Hummer H2 Release Date and Price

The official release date for the 2018 H2 has not been yet announced, however it is widely believed to start making its appearance toward the end of 2015. Prices are likely to be around $55,000, and probably will rise quite a bit in the following moths after the release.

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