2018 Honda Pilot promises to be an incredible and improved automobile in that it meets the expectations and demands of the industry. Its design and improvements are unique and geared towards meeting the high standards in existence.


The 2018 Honda Pilot will characterize a more attractive aesthetic exterior which will consist of an adapted frontal fascia that will be in line with the Company’s new design approach as well as edges that are much sharper. Reportedly Honda will take a bold approach resulting in a more aggressive look. There will be a new set of headlights, a new grille and most likely a new rear end as well. There will be new designs for the wheels as well as a more subtle rear spoiler added. A sportier look is expected to be the major and unique feature accompanying 2018 Honda Pilot. The expectations are promising as ever and as it gets a new front grille featuring three chrome plated crossbars, there will be a more masculine frontal fascia. The dimension of 2018 Honda Pilot body style changes is relatively 1,996 mm wide, 4,940 mm long, and 1,773 mm high.


The interior design of the forthcoming 2018 Honda Pilot will be brimming with convenience, comfort, as well as functionality. As expected with Honda company reputation there will be great gadgetry and automotive technologies, as well as high-quality safety features. There will be sufficient space and comfortable enough to accommodate all types of drivers and passengers.The body style features an eight-seat car with an option to separate the second-row seats for only a seven-seat capacity vehicle. The cabin includes a multi-function steering wheel, 42 inches of the on-board computer, new instrument gauges behind the wheel, soft leather trimming coupled with a nice surface plastic accent, metal inserts, digital speedometer, and unique comfort seats at the front.


The base engine for the 2018 Honda Pilot is still expected to be 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6. There is speculation it will get an additional boost of around 300 horsepower and approximately 270 lb-ft of torque. The previous model’s six-speed automatic transmission for the engine is expected to be discontinued altogether and be replaced will be the nine-speed automatic transmission for optimization. The huge change to the engine is expected to be a new hybrid power-train which Honda might use a new turbocharged petrol engine for it.
This power-train would result into, with the help of two electric motors, over 300 lb-ft of torque and 300 horsepower. This feature will also include a set of batteries to supply electric units thus enabling driving for a few miles on electricity, over 30 MPG on estimation should be possible. It is highly likely that 2018 Honda Pilot will drop the push-button gear selector which is not of great use and it’s usually not that long-lasting .The replacement will be a normal gear-shifter which is more reliable. The material used to make this will most likely be aluminum and coated in leather so that even the texture will be of high quality than before.

2018 Honda Pilot Performance

The increase of horsepower by around 20hp is expected to improve performance, and thus it could offer more than before as a sporty high performing automobile. Improvement in the transmission will allow the engine always to be in optimum rev range thus improving overall efficiency by few percent.

2018 Honda Pilot Price

The base pricing information is speculative as it has not been announced yet. Based on expert, industry insiders, and critics it is highly expected the vehicle will not cost far from the current base pricing of $34,000.

Release Date

As regards the release date, the specific date is to be announced by Honda as a company, but it is estimated that the vehicle will be available in dealerships before the end of 2017, set as a 2018 model.