The American car manufacturer Ford is bringing the 2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue Concept vehicle to the Americas and Europe after a year of testing in the South Africa. In 2016 it was only available in the South Africa in order to see that will this car win or fail on the market. This vehicle is capable to go where other vehicles can’t in order to pull out successful rescues and much much more.

T4 Rescue Exterior


When you look at the new 2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue Concept you’ll see that it is in the base a typical Troller with a bunch of enhancements and features which enables it to be the best at off-roading. The chasys features high motion shocks and high performance suspension system with high ground clearance. It feature 17-inch alloy wheels which are wrapped with Mud Terrain tires. It also heave LED spot-lights on the side and on the front of the vehicle to ensure better sight in rescuing. The T4 will be offered with various packages such as a firefighting and rescue one.

2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue Interior


The interior of this car will be pretty much the same like on the unit sold in South Africa. The dashboard, seats and the whole interior will be water resistant. The dash design is done it the simple and clean manner. But the real thing will be on the back of the vehicle where the buyer can install the rescue or the firefighting package.

2018 Troller T4 Rescue Engine

The 2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue will be equipped with a same engine that is available in the European Ranger. That engine is a 3.2-Liter turbocharged inline 5 diesel which is able to produce 197 horsepower and 347 pound feet of torque while it can reach 35 MPG on the highway which is very good for a off-road vehicle. Also in will feature solid axles in both front and the rear. The information about the transmission is unknown at the moment but it is expected that it will be equipped with the same as you can find in the Ranger.

2018 Ford Troller T4 Rescue Concept Price and Release date

This futuristic troller will cost around $50,000 (expected) for the base model but with a full package it can go up to $100,000. When we talk about the release date it is still unknown exactly when it will be available but it is expected to be somewhere in mid 2017.