The new 2018 Ford GT is the car for those who want a cheaper car in this class but with new performances and included ads. That means a mid-engine V6 turbo engine, new and natural materials used in making it and some other improvements in term of design.


Maybe the wide front end reminds someone on classic Ford GT40, but the rest of the car is a modern and fashionable car. Basically, the chassis is true GT’s look, with is actually the shape of a Le Mans prototype racer. The body shape looks like a taper from the front to the end of the car, where is waiting for two exhaust systems, with rear fenders separated from the main fuselage. Thanks to the laydown, pushrod suspension, the 2018 Ford GT has something like a channel between the wheels and body. The previous models (or it’s better to say classic and well-known models) had doors hinge up and forward incorporated in the roof, but this model is completely different from that. Even that, it’s still easy and available entry to the modern and business-like a cabin.

2018 Ford GT Interior

We expect the modern and innovative inside ads, but on 2018, Ford GT things are going even further. With a central color touch-screen display with Ford’s just-introduced Sync 3 infotainment setup, for example, driving in this car is more than pleasure. Every Ford car has its special and unique Ford SYNC system which includes a lot of things, like hands-free calls and changing commands without releasing the steering wheel during the driving. There is also a pair of paddle shifters with a circle shaped steering wheel. Add to that and door-mounted HVAC vents and you’ll have a picture of the cabin.


This amazing car has a supercharged V8 or twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine for more than 600 horsepower, as the Ford promised. The torque is around 500 which is much more than is expected from this size of the car. There is no information about the hybrid model or electric version, but that’s not mean that there is no planned something of that. We also can confirm that there is no such thing like kinetic-energy recovery system so expect a just gas engine with the rear driving system and seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission system. For your safety, 2018 GT has special carbon-ceramic brakes with 20-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports Cup 2 tires for better grip on the asphalt.

2018 Ford GT Price

Starting price of Ford GT is from $400,000 which is much less than on other cars in the same class.