Maybe the main changes in 2018 Dodge Rampage are in term of size and stability. This is surely the car which will attract attention wherever you go, and with some special futuristic details and features, it will be an example in car industry of the stability and powerful. The only complaint which we certainly have is lack of information about the new concept considering the speculations that follow the engine choice made in this car and its look.


With the comfort and wideness as the first impression after the looking of this car, this surely will be a family pick-up truck for daily usage. Even the changes made in this car don’t exceed the look of the last model Rampage Concept, there are some details worth enough for the mention, like power-deployable running boards which are great idea for easy entrance and exit from the car. At the opposite of usual expectations about the car class, the 2018 Dodge Rampage is not a big and aggressive car and surely doesn’t have space for extra cargo inside.


There is no much information about inside look and equipment. The most important improvement is in term of safety, providing airbags for all passengers and driver, and with rear camera with some extra useful changes. Other things are more or less the same as on all other models from the same manufacturer, including the Bluetooth and USB connectivity, a rich audio system and more. The leather and natural materials are something which has been implied in all modern cars that pretend to be on the top in class.


Well, it’s hard to say which option will be built-in 2018 Dodge Rampage, knowing that many versions have been shown in car magazines until now. It probably is a 5.7-liter V8 engine with 345 horsepower and high pound-feet of torque. At the opposite of last model which has a 3-liter V6 this model is going up with strength but fuel economy, too. The chosen automatic transmission is the reason for complaining of some customers, claiming that automatic transmission doesn’t give fuel efficiency with less performance. Even the fuel economy is still one of a trademark for this manufacturer with predicted 15-18 mpg.

2018 Dodge Rampage Price

Let’s say that the first models will be released in the beginning of 2018 but that’s still unknown information. The price, on the other hand, is expected around $40,000 for the standard model.