Chevrolet promised in the year 2014 that they will be back with a new label of their sedan car with more advanced design and techniques, and here we have the 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, with power like a sports car and with the promise that it will be even better and faster than its predecessors.

The reason why this car has a class of its own and stands out of the rest is this one possess technologies like rear wheel drive and a manual transmission. It has also debuted with magnetic dampers and Brembo brakes in the rear which was, till date, available only at the front. Now, let’s see what are the characteristics for which this sedan car is the most cherished car of the year.


The new 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle SS has the V8 engine built up of aluminium 6.0 which delivers a horsepower of 415 and an equal amount of torque on the tap. The engine enables you to hit 60 mph within a frame of 5 seconds which gives a superlative comfort while you drive. The engine also have magnetic selective ride control, oil life monitoring system and an alternator of 140 amps. You need a key to jumpstart the engine, just a push a button and your engine will roar to action.


The interior has a 3 passenger rear seat with a rear center armrest. Other features in the interior include head-up display with readouts for vehicle speed which is digitally coloured, display of the outside temperature, phone information, climate control. Cruise control is another added feature in the interior with facilities like set and resumes speed; steering column with full tilt and telescoping mode. A color display in the interior provides warning messages and vehicle information to the driver.


The wheels are made up of aluminum; the width in the front is 48.3 cm 21.59 cm and 48.3 22.9 cm in the rear. The tires are 245/40R19 in the front and 275/35R19 in the rear wheels. You will also get a tire inflation kit. The sedan also has a hood blanket to cover it up. The headlamps discharge high intensity light with an automatic exterior lamp control. There is also a set of fog lamps which helps you drive in case there is a fog or any such thing.

Other features

The new Chevrolet Chevelle SS has an inbuilt entertainment system like CD player, AM/FM stereo audio system with navigation. USB port for the Bose premium 9-speaker audio system, Bluetooth streaming audio for music and hands-free smartphone integration are its others features.

Door locks with child-security, rear vision camera, side blind zone alert, forward collision alert, lane departure warning, stability control system like traction control and brake assist turn the car into a complete safe mode.

2018 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Price

The Price of 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Price is not officialy introdused. But if we look the market, and other similar model, we can assume that it will be around $45,000.

So, this season, if you want to gift yourself with a new car, go for the all new Chevrolet Chevelle SS.