2018 Buick Firebird & Trans Am – 2 Legend Coming Back – The new top internet story of this week is the rumor that new 2018 Buick Firebird, and 2018 Pontiac Trans am are coming back on the big doors. We wanted to check up with the story and fill you in. We all remember that Pontiac had last production in 2002, lived few more years, but that’s it.

Before everything we want to say wants again that this is just a rumor, and it is not officially confirmed, believe us, we have checked. But, we all remember the story about new 2015 Pontiac Trans am, and Ford Bronco. It, was all rumor than, and people didn’t believe in the rumors, yes, the truth was that Pontiac is dead and did not make new Trans am, but later we found out that there is new company “Trans am Depot” that made new Trans am Bandit Limited edition, and it was 77 of them. So, although it was not Pontiac today we have new Trans am.

Than we found out that Ford would make new Bronco soon, Ford announced it in February.

Now that said, let come back to the new 2018 Buick Firebird. Chances that 2018 Buick Firebird is coming back are almost zero, but this new video give us the argument, that maybe Buick and GM are going to bring new Trans am Firebird.

We don’t want discuss on the video, you watched for yourself, but it is interesting idea that at the least, even if we see just firebird on the hood again from some different company again.

Specs and Engine Prediction – Hopes

Here is the link form limited version of Trans am, that is made in 77 units 2017 Trans am Bandit Edition, and her is another video from Trans am Depot that they announce new Trans am Super Duty with amazingly 1,000 hp. If this story is truth, we certainly would like to see new 2018 Buick Firebird with 1000 hp!